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Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall Visited Dior Headquarters And It Was Awkward

To be fair, making a "let them eat cake" joke about French models is tough to recover from. (That didn't actually happen, but, you know, it could have.)

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Camilla wore a simple housedress for her tour, perhaps assuming she'd pick up some couture freebies along the way.

"Wait a crown-wearing second. What do you mean one doesn't get any new clothes?"

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

"My husband is going to be King one day and he'd just love the excuse to invade France again, I'll have you know."

Dior CEO Sidney Toledano steps in. "Wait, Stanley, this is the best you have to offer?"

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

"I think I'll keep my nightie on after all, thank you very much. In fact, I'm beginning to wish I just stayed in bed."

"I wouldn't even wish this upon my least favorite maids."

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

"Well, yes I would actually. Back at the palace we do love a good laugh at the commoners' expense."

Post-Dior, Camilla goes for a stroll with French Ambassador Sir Peter Ricketts.

Getty / Chris Jackson

"It's all gone downhill since that blasted revolution, hasn't it? I tell you, Charles and I couldn't even watch Les Miserables and we both love Hugh Jackman."

Unrelated, but here's a lovely picture of Camilla enjoying some salami in a Parsian market.

Pool / Getty Images

French butchers were a lot more prepared to share their wares with the Duchess, you see.

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