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    Beyoncé Covered In Sparkly Body Glitter On New Flaunt Magazine Cover

    Five photos of B, tribal Queen of all the cosmos, naked but for those well-placed sparkles and some African jewelry.

    This is the cover of Flaunt's new issue. And yes, Beyoncé is certainly flaunting.


    How long would it take to rinse all this body glitter off in the shower afterwards?


    A better question: why would you ever want to wash it off?

    The Flaunt shoot also features Beyoncé in some African tribal jewelry.

    And darkened skin.


    This isn't the first time B's "voluntarily darkened" her skin tone for a fashion editorial either.

    Also, purple skin.

    See more photos over at, where there's also a bizarre and very entertaining Q&A interview. For example:


    (Which is a perfect reason to run this photo.)