A Fun Game Of Fashion Mad Libs With Vogue’s New Tom Hiddleston Editorial

He has [adjective] chemistry with his co-star, model Cara Delevingne.

2. Everyone loves Mad Libs.

Vogue’s May issue includes an editorial featuring full-time actor Tom Hiddleston and full-time model/part-time actress (see: her day-to-day antics; cameo role in Anna Karenina) Cara Delevingne.

The pair perform a specially-written script for photographer Peter Lindbergh’s camera — and it’s a serious affair, full of film noir-style stage directions and breathlessly overwrought dialogue. No fun at all, basically. So let’s lighten it up with some Mad Libs, then. Here’s our best efforts:

7. End scene.

8. Now, please craft your own. Be nice to Hiddleston.

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