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    "90210" Star Shenae Grimes Got Married In Black Tulle

    Also her new husband is a model/musician. Just saying.

    Shenae got married in London on Friday, wearing a dress perfectly co-ordinated with her new husband's suit.

    Via Twitter: @shenaegrimes

    In other words, a black bridal gown. Le scandale.

    That's a tulle-heavy gown from Vera Wang's Fall 2012 bridal collection.


    An unusual choice, but bridal fashion gets zany these days.

    Anyway, meet Shenae's new husband, British male model Josh Beech.

    Everybody, say "Hi, Josh."

    Here's Josh in a Mugler ad, which is nice.

    And here's Josh in a t-shirt with cats on it, which is nicer still.

    Also, here's Josh with no t-shirt on.

    Did we mention Josh is in a band?

    View this video on YouTube

    Sadly he's not in the band's latest music video. But he sings good, so that's something. (Imagine him singing in the cat tee above, for example.)

    Thus, well played Shenae.