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    33 Years Of Versace: A Retrospective In Supermodels And Manscaping

    Remember when Christina Aguilera fronted the label's ads? Me neither.

    The Versace woman: she gets noticed. That's a guarantee, sometimes a threat, as you'll see looking back on the label's ad campaigns from the '80s to now. Alongside structured shoulderpads and big hair, the label's early ads helped cement the careers — and bolster the bank accounts — of top models including Cindy Crawford, Stephanie Seymour, and the legendary Iman; a decade later and all the industry's top girls were posing together for iconic billboard fare (see no. 28 below). Recent years have seen well-oiled models and glossy celebs helming campaigns, with ever-harder abs and ever-heightened post production.

    But while trends and photographers have changed, that brash, quintessentially Euro Versace excess has remained as loud and proud as the latest collection's wild celebration of vinyl. From Gianni's '80s glam to Donatella's '00s naughtiness, it's all here — along with a few bonus mid-'90s menswear ads, because they have to be seen to be believed.

    1. Spring 1980

    Jerry Hall, a chest rug and other models shot by Richard Avedon.

    2. Fall 1980

    14 year-old Brooke Shields shot by Richard Avedon.

    More Fall 1980

    Janice Dickinson shot by Richard Avedon.

    3. Spring 1981

    Beverly Johnson, Kelly LeBrock and more shot by Richard Avedon.

    4. Fall 1981

    Kelly LeBrock, Rene Russo and Kim Alexis shot by Richard Avedon.

    5. Spring 1982

    Rosemary McGrotha shot by Richard Avedon.

    6. Fall 1982

    Beverly Johnson and Kim Alexis shot by Richard Avedon.

    7. Spring 1983

    Models and some plywood shot by Richard Avedon.

    8. Fall 1983

    Janice Dickinson and Renee Simonsen shot by Richard Avedon.

    9. Spring 1984

    Models and IKEA-quality shelving shot by Richard Avedon.

    10. Fall 1984

    Talisa Soto, Josie Borain, Leticia Lucas and Jen Yarrow shot by Richard Avedon.

    11. Spring 1987

    Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington shot by Richard Avedon.

    12. Fall 1987

    Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista shot by Richard Avedon.

    13. Spring 1988

    Linda Evangelista and Paulina Porizkova shot by Richard Avedon.

    14. Fall 1988

    Christy Turlington, Paulina Porizkova and Talisa Soto shot by Irving Penn.

    15. Spring 1989

    Linda Evangelista and some menacing shadow folk.

    16. Fall 1989

    Talisa Soto and buff guys shot by Bruce Weber.

    17, Circa 1990

    Christy Turlington shot by Richard Avedon.

    18. Fall 1990

    Cindy Crawford shot by Herb Ritts.

    19. Spring 1991

    Christy Turlington shot by Irving Penn.

    Spring 1991

    Bonus Christy, from one of the label's most iconic campaigns.

    20. Fall 1991

    Helena Christensen, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington.

    21. Spring 1992

    Linda Evangelista shot by Irving Penn.

    22. Circa 1992

    HBIC Naomi Campbell and a bunch of chiseled jawlines shot by Doug Ordway.

    23. Fall 1992

    Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer shot by Irving Penn.

    24. Spring 1993

    Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campbell and Shalom Harlow shot by Richard Avedon.

    25. Fall 1993

    Stephanie Seymour and some nudist ballet guy shot by Richard Avedon.

    26. Spring 1994

    Linda Evangelista shot by Richard Avedon.

    27. Circa 1994

    A gay biker's wet dream shot by Doug Ordway.

    28. Fall 1994

    Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer and a naked guy shot by Richard Avedon.

    More Fall 1994

    Cindy Crawford, Nadja Auermann, Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer and Stephanie Seymour shot by Richard Avedon.

    29. Circa 1995

    Models serving as the inspiration for the Tybalt clan in Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet shot by Doug Ordway.

    30. Fall 1995

    Kristen McMenamy shot by Richard Avedon.

    31. Bonus 1995

    Sylvester Stallone and Claudia Schiffer (as Adam and Eve, of course) shot by Richard Avedon.

    32. Spring 1996

    Amber Valletta shot by Richard Avedon

    33. Fall 1996

    Kate Moss shot by Richard Avedon.

    34. Spring 1997

    Amy Wesson shot by Richard Avedon

    35. Circa 1997

    Kate Moss shot by Herb Ritts.

    36. Also circa Fall 1997, this happened

    Jon Bon Jovi shot by Richard Avedon.

    37. Spring 1998

    Erin O'Connor shot by Richard Avedon.

    38. Bonus Extra Spring 1998

    Because it's Courtney Love, duh, shot by Richard Avedon.

    39. Fall 1998

    Audrey Marnay and Carolyn Murphy shot by Steven Meisel.

    40. Spring 1999

    Gisele and Karmen Cass shot by Steven Meisel.

    41. Fall 1999

    Malgosia Bela and David Blaine lookalikes shot by Steven Meisel.

    42. Spring 2000

    Amber Valletta shot (wearing that J.Lo dress, no less) by Steven Meisel.

    43. Fall 2000

    Georgina Grenville and Amber Valletta shot by Steven Meisel.

    44. Spring 2001

    Malgosia Bela shot by Steven Meisel.

    45. Fall 2001

    Bland Caucasian models and the obligatory poor-ethnic-worker-in-the-background shot by Steven Meisel.

    46. Spring 2002

    Sharon Ganish and assorted naked folks shot by Steven Meisel.

    47. Fall 2002

    Linda Evangelista and Amber Valletta shot by Steven Meisel.

    48. Spring 2003

    Amber Valletta shot by Steven Meisel.

    49. Fall 2003

    Christina Aguilera-Cullen shot by Steven Meisel.

    50. Spring 2004

    Rianne ten Haken shot by Steven Meisel.

    51. Fall 2004

    Raquel Zimmermann and other models who didn't become Wintour's favorite (for a while) shot by Steven Meisel.

    52. Spring 2005

    A past-her-prime-but-still-trying receptionist shot by Mario Testino.

    53. Fall 2005

    Demi Moore shot by Mario Testino.

    54. Spring 2006

    Halle Berry and male models including her ex-husband Gabriel Aubry.

    55. Fall 2006

    Kate Moss, Angela Lindvall, Carolyn Murphy, Daria Werbowy and Christy Turlington shot by Mario Testino.

    56. Spring 2007

    Carolyn Murphy, Angela "come at me, bro" Lindvall and Carmen Kass shot by Mario Testino.

    57. Fall 2007

    An overzealous post-production airbrusher's interpretation of Kate Moss, shot by Mario Testino.

    58. Spring 2008

    Gisele shot by Mario Testino.

    59. Fall 2008

    Natalia Vodianova and Isabeli Fontana shot by Mario Testino.

    60. Spring 2009

    Gisele and Kate Moss shot by Mario Testino.

    61. Fall 2009

    Gisele and one sketchy voyeur shot by Mario Testino.

    62. Spring 2010

    Georgia May Jagger and Simon Nessman shot by Mario Testino.

    63. Fall 2010

    Iselin Steiro, Anna Selezneva and Valerija Kelava shot by Mario Testino.

    64. Spring 2011

    Abbey Lee Kershaw, Victor Nylander and another perfect Aryan torso shot by Mario Testino.

    65. Fall 2011

    Saskia de Brauw shot by Mert & Marcus.

    66. Versace for H&M Fall 2011

    Daphne Groeneveld and Lindsey Wixson shot by Mert & Marcus.

    67. Spring 2012

    Gisele and Ryan Barrett shot by Mert & Marcus.

    68. Fall 2012

    Elza Luijendijk and Philipp Schmidt shot by Mert & Marcus.

    69. Spring 2013

    Kate Moss and walking bronzed statues shot by Mert & Marcus.

    h/t for images: resources including TFS, Style Registry, Fashionisto and Jazz Age