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    12 Photos Of Plaxico Burress' New Sock Line

    Because the NFL player designs "men's luxury hosiery" now, you see.

    The Steelers' wide receiver apparently really likes socks. And with the recent launch of the Plaxico Burress Collection, he'll never have to be short a pair (or seven) of ostentatious foot gloves again.

    The Plaxico Burress Collection is the brainchild of NFL star Plaxico Burress. An avid collector of luxury socks, Plaxico found himself always looking for the 'perfect sock.' Often, he would love the design, but not like the fit. Or he would like the fabric/material, and not like the length. Rather than continue to settle for the often limited styles his favorite stores had to offer, Plaxico decided to create his own brand. Confident that with his direction, the design team could create his 'perfect sock.

    1. Striped socks.

    2. Polka-dot (hipster) socks.

    3. Paisley-style socks.


    The pattern looks a little like an octopus.

    4. Stripes again.

    5. Wide stripes, pastel stripes.


    There's also a black-and-white lattice pattern there; variety is the spice of life, after all.

    6. More stripes.

    7. More stripes again, but this time they're vertical.

    8. These socks might have chess pieces on them.

    9. Date-night stripes.

    10. Tuxedo stripes.


    (You should never actually wear orange, lime green, and sky blue striped socks with your tuxedo, just FYI.)

    11. A pattern that isn't stripes! Not sure what it is, though.

    12. And some skater stripes to finish with.

    Unfortunately, there are only four styles of socks currently available, and neither of the two striped pairs are quite as interesting:


    To be honest, though, I'd buy "The Twizzler" for its name alone. June 1 is in the calendar.