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    18 Truths That Are Too Real For People With Rosacea

    No, it's not a sunburn. *sigh*

    1. Everyone assumes you have a wicked sunburn.

    anapedrassolli / Via


    2. Or just came back from frickin' Cancun.

    Twitter: @BillybobN

    Lucky you... 😐

    3. Or that it's just acne.

    4. Hot summer days are hardest of all.

    Getting ready for a whole summer of "Oh bad sunburn?" Nope. That's just what my face looks like 😳 #rosacea

    5. But honestly, no season is safe.

    This year I am celebrating Christmas early, with this moving tribute to Rudolph. #RosaceaProblems

    6. Sometimes it seems like everything can make it worse.

    7. Living your normal everyday life seems harder.

    8. I mean, even cheese??

    9. You'll try any regimen, cream, goop, or lotion for that sweet relief.

    ladyrosacea / Via

    10. Really, anything.

    sbritt2896 / Via

    11. When you find a product that actually does the trick, it's like Christmas morning.

    12. People sometimes write off your condition as "cute," rather than being, ya know, an actual medical condition.

    Flickr: kissingtoast / Creative Commons

    13. Social interactions can get a bit... confusing.

    14. It's not only the redness, your face can feel like it's actually on fire.

    aegreb / Via

    15. It's really hard not to be self-conscious.

    16. You don't always trust sunscreen to be enough.

    ladyrosacea / Via

    17. At the end of the day, you've learned how to deal with it and it'll never stop you from living your dang life.

    18. And feelin' yourself. 🙌

    I was feelin my rosacea and no makeup

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