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17 Struggles Of Trying To Watch International Soccer In The U.S.

Because sometimes you say "football" and feel like an impostor...

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1. You have to wake up early.

BeIn Sports / Via

It's match day. You've been looking forward to this all week, but it's still 5 a.m.

2. You have to wake up early. On the weekend.

ESPN / Via

You're up, but then you suddenly realize that this is how you're going to be spending your weekend.

Whatever. Commitment...right?

3. When you're around people who call it "soccer," and you say "football."

ESPN / Via

4. Or when you're around people who call it "football," and you say "soccer."

Barclays Premier League / Via

Pro tip: Try "world football." You'll feel less like an asshole.

5. People might think you're a "fake" fan because you aren't local.

ESPN / Via

Come at me, bro.

6. You often watch alone.

Univision / Via

Because — again — it'll be early and everyone else you know will probably still be asleep.

7. Your celebrations are quiet so as to not wake up anyone else.

FC Bayern München / Via

Did we mention that it's early?

But you still find ways to let your fan flag fly.

Barclays Premier League / Via

8. You'll be singing chants that nobody understands.

Arsenal / Via

Again, by yourself.

9. You wear jerseys nobody recognizes.

BeIn Sports / Via

"Are you just a fan of Qatar Airways or...?"

It's fucking Messi, people.

10. Sometimes, it's difficult to find somewhere to watch live.

FIFA / Via

The only really ~official~ place is NBC Live Sports, and that's only the Premier League. Thankfully, Fox is getting the Bundesliga this season, but your options are limited if you want to watch live.

11. So what you end up watching are low-to-meh-quality streams.

FIFA / Via

That either get stuck in buffer loops or are taken down after some time.

12. For some leagues, you watch broadcasts in different languages.

UEFA / Via

Which, in reality, is good practice if you're currently learning a new language.

13. Without as much dedicated coverage to the sport in the States, sometimes you feel like you're missing out...

Sky Sports / Via

At least we have Men in Blazers.

14. On the culture...

15. On the defeats that bring people together...

16. On the emotional, hard-fought victories...

17. And on the joyous celebrations.

Premier League / Via

But in the end it doesn't matter, because it's worth it to watch...




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