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A Blog About Coffee

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This blog is about...

As a fellow coffee connoisseur, this blog is about all things coffee... more specifically, all things coffee in Charlotte, North Carolina. Coffee interests me and there is growing culture in this city and in society as a whole surrounding coffee and even its origins. In this blog, I plan on diving deeper into this. Aside from the origins of the coffee beans used in various coffee shops, there is a social culture involved. This side of the culture is all about people... The people that built these shops from the ground up as well as the people inhabit these places and make them their second homes.

In addition to discussing the stories of the regulars and owners of the city's coffee shops, the mission of this blog is to inform locals and even passerbys (or travelers through Charlotte) of the array of different shops to get a cup of Joe. For some, a mere google search of "coffee shops near me" will suffice. For others, who really just want to find that one spot, this is the blog for you. Perhaps if you're one of more adventurous sort, you can try out all these places - but just being more aware of what you're walking into. Having an all-night study sess cramming for an exam the following morning? I have the perfect spot in mind for you. Trying to go some place where you can comfortably talk and laugh at your own leisure and nobody else's expensive? I have another place in mind. Hopefully my descriptions will be a great aid in finding the closest java spot that meets all your needs.

Last but certainly not least, I will tie all this back to the community talking about how these coffee shops contribute to their community through donations or volunteering or whether they simply provide a warm and welcoming place for various groups of people to congregate.

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