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The Aussie Prime Minister's Sister Starred In The Most Insane Rap Video About Periods

"Ain't no shame in the fact we B L E E D, so why do we have to pay this bloody GST?"

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So really, none of us should be at all surprised that Tony Abbott's sister makes a cameo in a rap video about the tampon tax parodying Snoop Dogg's Drop It Like It's Hot .

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The Liberal councillor for the City of Sydney, who has spoken out against her brother on marriage equality, mostly plays it cool dancing in the background, and unfortunately doesn't have a solo rap verse.


The video, titled Drop It Like It's Rot was made by actor/director Mia Lethbridge and features lines like "I B L E E D just coz I was born as me, so I pay the GST coz menstruation ain't for free."

And this line too. Which has got to be a little bit awkward for the family.

Mia Lethbridge /

"I think Australia has a pretty outdated attitude around menstruation," Lethbridge told BuzzFeed News.

"There's a certain shame and stigma attached to it that makes it still a very hush-hush topic, despite it being one of the the most normal and common biological bodily functions. I feel like the tax is reflective of this attitude. We are supposed to be a progressive country, yet here we are taxing menstruating Australians!" she said.

Christine Forster is a personal friend of Lethbridge, and was happy to be involved.

Mia Lethbridge /

"She’s an elected Liberal Councillor on the City of Sydney and doesn't believe that it’s fair to apply GST to some items and not others, especially when those items are essential," Lethbridge said.

The video was made independently, without the involvement of any political or activist groups, although some funding was provided by private philanthropists.

The video comes out on the same day that Tony Abbott refused to say whether he would rule out raising the GST to 15% during Question Time.

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State and territory treasurers are scheduled to have a meeting August 21, with changes to the GST set to be a big talking point.

The tampon tax was the cause of a ripple of disunity in the party in May, after treasurer Joe Hockey told a campaigner that the GST on tampons should "probably be removed" when she asked him about it on ABC's Q&A program. Later, Tony Abbot said that his government had no plans to do anything about it.

The majority of state treasurers have said they would support repealing the tampon tax, which activists say is unfair because other health products like condoms, lubricants, sunscreen and nicotine patches are exempt from the GST.


Activist group GetUp is gearing up to push the issue again, with a national tampon dance rally scheduled for Friday.

The petition, started by university student Subeta Vimalarajah has over 100,000 signatures.

Alexandra Lee is a politics reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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