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We Printed The Internet For Dyson Heydon So He Could Catch Up On Today's News

Heydon announced he will stay on as head of the royal commission into trade union corruption.

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Dyson Heydon, the former High Court judge heading up the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption, made a ruling on Monday afternoon whether he should stand down, after agreeing to speak at a Liberal party fundraiser.

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Heydon was facing calls to stand down after it was revealed that he had agreed to deliver the Sir Garfield Barwick Address at an event that was billed as a fundraiser for the NSW Liberal party.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions and other unions lodged applications saying this made his position untenable, but Heydon said that his speech was going to be about the law, not politics, and that agreeing to speak at an event isn't proof of political bias.

"The mere fact that a person agrees to deliver a speech at a particular forum does not rationally establish that the person is sympathetic to, or endorses the views of the organiser of that forum," he said in his decision.

Exclusive footage of Dyson Heydon announcing his decision at #turc

A few people couldn't believe that the royal commissioner had the power to decide if he should sack himself or not.

BREAKING: Royal Commission into the Royal Commissioner finds Royal Commissioner need not face Royal Commission.

The man whose job it was to decide if he was biased found in favour of himself. Only in Australia.


But it was one sentence in Heydon's 67-page ruling that caught everyone's attention:

The main argument against Heydon was based on emails between him and the event organisers.

But he argued that since he didn't own a computer, and only read emails that were printed out for him, there was some information that he could have missed.


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