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    13 Shocking Allegations From The Senate Inquiry Into Nauru

    The committee looking into conditions at the regional processing centre heard from service providers and the department of immigration.

    1. An unexploded bomb was found under the school tent.

    2. Transfield has only had a human rights policy for four weeks.

    3. A staff member with Wilson Security was dismissed for having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old detainee.

    4. Transfield did not take responsibility for the decision to keep a child on Nauru after the child was abused by a staff member.

    5. The department of immigration says it has received 15 reports of sexual assault against minors from 2012 - 2015.

    6. The tents were never verified by the manufacturer as suitable for people to live in.

    7. The tents are infested with mould.

    Photos I obtained showing mould in the tents in Nauru. Every single tent is now affected by mould #NauruInquiry

    Transfield admitted that there was a mould problem on the island, due to the tropical climate of Nauru. They said 91 of the tents had been recently treated for mould, but couldn't guarantee that the mould would not return.

    8. Staff traded marijuana or other goods for sexual favours, and joked about it with each other.

    9. Child detainees were often running out of clothes.

    10. Women had to ask guards for sanitary products, and they were only ever given two at a time.

    11. There were mass suicide pacts and evidence of widespread self harm.

    12. Wilson Security apologised for spying on Sarah Hanson-Young when she visited in 2013.

    13. Asylum seekers were referred to by their boat number by staff.