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10 Yoga Poses To Help When You're Stressed AF

Everything sucks. I'm angry, you're angry, tension is high, and muscles are tight. I am not a doctor, but I do have a simple yoga sequence to help you burn some stress and stretch that shit out.

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1. Assume the position we all want to, start in child's pose with hips back and arms stretched out long. Breathe naturally.

2. Press to table top position (kneeling on all fours, hands under shoulders, knees under hips) and start to draw circles with trunk of the body. Add any extra shifts, or shakes of the tail, neck, and arms that feel good. Add a smile like everything isn't terrible.

3. Tuck your toes under to find floating table top. Engage the core, it'll be intense but at this point 'fuck it,' right?

4. Alternate tapping your left arm to your right shoulder and right arm to the left shoulder. This is a stability exercise, but also a chance for you to dust your shoulder off girl. You're doing great work.

5. Relax back to downward facing dog. Connect with your breath. Imagine that you are your favorite dog. Maybe even release a bark (JK, but only kind of).

6. Let's burn some steam. Make it clap (with your feet). One hop this time.... Two hops this time... Keep going... Push the weight of the world away.

7. Walk your hands back to rag doll position. Sway, rock, and diddy bop to release your lower back. Let the fuck boi-isms roll right off your back.

8. Root down and rise up to chair pose. UNLEASH your inner Beyonce. Add some body sways if the mood hits you.

9. Step forward to Warrior ll. Smile, breathe, pant, and cry if you need to.

10. Transition to crescent lunge. Lift the arms up high and build strength! This is perfect sign holding form! ;)

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