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    15 Things You Just Might Have In Common With Helga Pataki

    She's the most relatable 4th grader ever created.

    1. You can come off a little harsh.

    2. But you're a lot smarter than people give you credit for.

    3. You know your worth and insist upon others seeing it too.

    4. But despite knowing how smart you are, you sometimes underestimate yourself.

    5. You have hidden talent that would surprise even the people who think they know you.

    6. And tend to get a tiny bit fixated on the things you're interested in.

    7. Just a tiny bit.

    8. Your emotions, both good and bad, are hella strong.

    9. You feel like you're always in somebody else's shadow despite trying really hard to be noticed.

    10. You're scared of what would happen if anyone actually knew the real you.

    11. You DO NOT let fuckboys come anywhere near you and you WILL defend yourself.

    12. You believe in asking for what you want.

    13. Your bestie is more than a bestie – they're a combination minion/therapist/partner-in-crime.

    14. You know what you like and are in touch with your (perhaps budding) sexuality.

    15. And you don't really care what other people say about you, because you know that your own sense of self is more important.