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    21 Things Only "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" Fans Remember Doing

    So don't scream when we take you. The world is quiet here.

    1. Taking pride in being able to recite every book title in order with no mess-ups.


    "Bad Beginning Reptile Room Wide Window Miserable Mall โ€“ DANG IT!"

    2. Spotting the latest ASOUE release in the wild and begging your mom or dad to take you to the bookstore right after school.

    3. Feeling super smart and well-read when you realized that Sunny was pretty much always making cultural puns with her "baby talk."



    4. Reading the Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography multiple times to understand the VFD schism.


    Ditto for The Beatrice Letters.

    5. Also, learning what a schism is.

    6. Being low-key delighted to use the fun vocabulary words you learned from the books in conversation, or in an essay.


    And always remembering their Snicket definitions better than their real ones.

    7. Poring over the last illustration in each book to find the hidden clue about the next one.

    8. Considering getting an eye tattoo somewhere. Maybe you even got one!

    9. Putting happy faces on your cheeseburgers.


    "I didn't realize this was a sad occasion."

    10. Briefly experimenting with tying your hair up with a ribbon to see if it helps you think better.

    11. Modifying your elaborate dream home fantasies to include a large, well-lit, and comfortable library.

    12. Attempting to make puttanesca sauce.


    And when you found out it directly translated to "whore sauce" you were scandalized.

    13. Chuckling every time you heard anyone accidentally say something with the initials VFD.


    "The class had a Very Fruitful Discussion about โ€“ why are you laughing?"

    14. Putting cinnamon in your hot chocolate to see what it's like.


    It's good. Try it.

    15. Responding to "you shouldn't eat before swimming" with "or else the leeches will get you."

    16. Freaking the hell out when you realized who Beatrice was.


    "Ooohhhhhh." - Every fan at the end of The End

    17. Finding the three other people in your school who would geek out over VFD theories with you.

    18. And the look on their faces (and yours) when you finally finished The End.


    Wait what?

    19. Still having more questions than answers about a lot of things that went down for the Baudelaires.

    20. Having a feeling or two about the film adaptation with Jim Carrey and Jude Law.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    21. And being ridiculously hype that A Series of Unfortunate Events is finally getting the TV show treatment it deserves!

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