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Instagram's Next Top Rabbits Aren't Here To Make Friends

You wanna be on hop?

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These bunnies want to know the answer to the question that's on all of our minds.

Who is going to be Instagram's Next Top Rabbit?

Do these fluffy bun-buns have what it takes to climb to the top?

"I will destroy the competition."

"I can talk the talk and hop the hop."

"I may look like sugar, but I'm alllll spice."

"I'm not all carrots and sunshine."

"This isn't Easter. I don't have to play nice."

"If you're looking for drama you've come to the right bunny."


"At the end of the day I know Tyra will have my picture in her hands. Or else."

"I've been smizing since the day I was born."

"Cuter than Peter, fiercer than Bunnicula."

Because only one bunny will rise to be on top...

And become Instagram's Next Top Rabbit!

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