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33 Signs It's Christmas At Hogwarts

Because it's better than going back to Privet Drive.

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1. You spend all of your mornings in the Owlery.

2. There are parcels waiting for you in the common room.

3. You're beginning to suspect that your teachers really do live at school. Like all the time.

4. You've tickled the kitchen pear every night this week.

5. You have received a Weasley sweater, as is the custom.

6. It's snowing in your cornflakes but you kind of like it.

7. You have wondered, not for the first time, where they keep the official Hogwarts menorah.

8. You're not exactly sure what treacle is but it's absolutely everywhere.

9. Your long-dead parents have endowed you with a valuable heirloom.

10. The cashier line at Honeydukes is out of control.

11. You have written several letters to your godfather but have not heard back from him.

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12. The Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher is missing from the feast.

13. You are being treated for injuries related to a late-night game of Exploding Snap.

14. Your trashbag relatives have sent you a gift.

15. Dobby is a free elf.

16. You have fallen asleep in front of the fire in Hagrid's hut.

17. The centaurs are restless.

18. The prefects look the other way.

19. You have popped a whole box of Wizard Crackers and now have more hats than you need.

20. The Polyjuice is ready, at last.

21. Oh look, more treacle.

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22. You don't have a date to the ball.

23. You do have a date to the ball, but you're iffy on them if you're being honest with yourself.

24. The latest, greatest broomstick model has just been released.

25. It reminds you of the old Silver Arrows.

26. You have been serenaded by a suit of armor.

27. Sir Cadogan is on his third mug of wassail.

28. You have also been serenaded by Sir Cadogan.

29. The exchange students are very attractive.

31. The Dark Mark is discussed in hushed tones.

32. Peeves is in rare form. Rare form indeed.

33. You are Dumbledore's man/woman, through and through.

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