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    Tom Holland Revealed What Zendaya Thought About All Of His Extreme Stunts In "Uncharted"

    "What on Earth is this movie about?"

    Tom Holland had a little bit of a tough time sharing the plot of Uncharted with his girlfriend, Zendaya.

    Tom and Zendaya pose together at an event

    In the flick, based on the popular video game series, Tom takes on some intense stunts — and they're pretty wild to explain.

    During a recent interview, Tom described the stunts, which included getting hit by a car in mid-air, as both "exciting" and "tough."

    Tom hangs off of a ledge in the movie

    In fact, he says that when he told Zendaya about it all, she had to stop him in the middle of it.

    Tom and Zendaya pose together at an event

    "I was actually on set on Spider-Man pitching the movie to Zendaya. I was going through the film scene by scene, and I told her, 'Oh, there's this great bit where I get hit by a car out of a plane,'" Tom said on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

    Tom looks like he's about to jump off of the back of a train in the movie

    He continued, "And she's like, 'I have to stop you there. What on Earth is this movie about?'"

    Tom and Zendaya pose together at an event

    And while the stunts may have sounded a little crazy, Tom says it all came together safely.

    A closeup of Tom at an event

    "It was a lot of fun. The stunts is something I've really always enjoyed, and I have two amazing stunt doubles... Our motto is that things should look dangerous while being safe," Tom explained.

    Tom looks serious while running in the movie

    Hear all that Tom had to say below.

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