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    Tom Hanks Explained Why He Crashes So Many Fans' Wedding Photos

    "It’s my ego, unchecked."

    Nobody wants a wedding crasher — unless it's Tom Hanks, of course!

    A closeup of Tom

    Through the years, Tom has had a pretty good track record when it comes to surprising fans on their big day, unexpectedly popping up in wedding photos around the world.

    Tom poses with a bride and group of bridesmaids in front of a party bus

    And when asked how and why he does it, Tom had to joke about the whole thing.

    A closeup of Tom

    "It's my ego, unchecked. I just can't help but think, 'What would these people like more than anything else to remember this magic day of days? Oh I know, me!'" Tom said on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

    Tom speaks while appearing on the talk show

    It turns out Tom's wedding obsession all started when he was in Rome shooting Angels & Demons. On the day he was supposed to film at the Pantheon, a couple had also booked the location for their wedding.

    Tom gestures to the city of Rome behind him

    When the limo showed up, Tom began to feel awful about the situation, considering that trucks and a film crew had taken over the ancient landmark.

    Tom walks through the streets of Rome while filming

    "It was like, 'Uh, how do we fix this?' So, like a stalker...I knocked on the [limo] window; I said, 'Hey listen, we have a thing, but would you do me the honor of escorting you to your bridal altar?' So we did it!" Tom shared.

    Tom links arms with a bride and her dad while walking in Rome

    He noted that he felt the situation was more of him "providing a service" instead of crashing a wedding — but it inspired him to keep doing it.

    A closeup of Tom

    From there on out, Tom has photobombed more wedding pics than he can count — and even officiated one or two!

    Tom stands in front of a bride and group while officiating their wedding

    And while wedding crashing may not be socially acceptable, it seems like those couples all made an exception for Tom!

    Hear all that Tom had to say below.

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