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TikTok's Best Recipes You Could Be Making In Your Dorm Room

Gourmet meals with just a microwave!

School is back in session, and — let's be real — you're probably already bored of what's being served in the dining hall.

A fancy looking dining hall with chandlers and high ceilings
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While cooking for yourself at college may seem like an impossible task, it can actually be pretty easy!

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Here are some simple recipes to try that can all be made in your dorm room...

1. This wrap not only looks delicious, but is healthy and filling, too!


You can always change up the filling and create ur perfect wrap! #fyp #wraprecipe #simplerecipes #cheapmeal #dormfood

♬ Are You Bored Yet? - Origgek

2. Skip the line at Sweetgreen and make this grain bowl instead!

3. Try these pizza bites that you can make with just a microwave and ingredients under $10.


Reply to @themasterofcallofduty69 here ya go!!! #dormfood #recipes

♬ original sound - 88keys10fingers

4. Craving something sweet to start your day? Try these four-ingredient cinnamon rolls!


4 ingredient Microwaveable Cinnamon Rolls! A #healthy and easy dorm-friendly #dessert 🤩#healthyrecipes #food #fyp #tiktokfood #fitnesslife

♬ Stuck in the Middle - Tai Verdes

5. Or opt for these egg bites for your pre-class brekkie.

6. If you can get your hands on some pre-made chicken, this salad wrap will be a breeze.

7. Switch up your avocado toast by using a rice cake!


Two avo cakes for 1 avo toast, i think this is my new fave thing 👀 🥑 #vegan #iifym #macros #avocado #ricecakes #lowcalorie #fitness #recipe

♬ ABBA Mashup - Joebot the Robot 🤖

8. I had literally no idea you could make something like this in a microwave.


College Dorm Healthy Meal❕Could even finish this with some sauce and avocado❕YT vid Sunday❗️#collegemeal #fyp #foryou #healthymeal #foodtiktok #food


9. Making these quesadillas is almost TOO easy.

Are you allowed to use the stove? Reply to @greenx._.xteam #microwave #cheese #easyrecipe #dormlife

♬ original sound - August DeWindt

10. This avocado salad is the perfect snack or side dish.


inspo from @eatpayylove 💛 please try this you won’t regret it!!! #healthysnack #dormfood

♬ original sound - kenz

11. Substitute pasta for squash noodles in this veggie Alfredo!


Dorm Food Veggie Alfredo! Y’all asked for a keto dorm recipe and here is my take :) #yummy #food #foodlover #dormfood #keto #forus #yum #dormlife

♬ original sound - Jess

12. No stove? Here's how to make French toast with your microwave.

13. This cheesy cauliflower rice risotto is surprisingly easy and looks like it's straight out of a restaurant.

14. These loaded baked potatoes look gourmet and only require a microwave.

15. Looking for a sweet treat? Check out this strawberry cheesecake made in a mug!

16. You can never go wrong with some mac 'n' cheese.

17. No time to run to Chipotle? How about this burrito bowl instead?

18. I might just have to make this spinach pasta (and I don't even live in a dorm anymore!).

19. And, of course, nachos are always a good option.

What else should I make in the microwave? Reply to #microwave #dormlife #nachos #quickrecipes #cheese

♬ original sound - August DeWindt