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    People On TikTok Are Waking Their Dogs Up With Their Favorite Foods And It's Adorable

    These dogs are living their best lives.

    There's a new online challenge, and it's really working out for the dogs of TikTok!

    For the #SleepingDogChallenge, owners have been putting treats in front of their sleeping pups to see if they'll wake up, and their reactions are adorable.

    1. The dog that started this trend...didn't even notice:

    A brown and black dog sleeps in front of a small treat

    2. But this guy certainly did:

    A black dog opens his eyes super wide while looking at a treat

    3. This treat barely made it out of the jar:

    A black dog stares at a treat being held in front of him

    4. Things escalated quickly here:

    A beige Bulldog opens his eyes while a treat is being held in front of his face

    5. This pup also took things to the next level:

    A golden lab lays on the floor while looking at a hot dog being held near him

    6. This pup will interrupt cuddle sessions for treats:

    A black dog cuddles with a black and white dog

    7. This Rottweiler puppy was taking a car nap before she got a whiff of her treat:

    A black and brown dog grabs at a treat being given to her

    8. This pit bull wouldn't even wake up for a Cheez-It:

    A white dog sleeps with a Cheez-it in his mouth

    9. But Zan the pup (who has over 100,000 Instagram followers) was definitely interested in this turkey:

    A black dog looks content while taking a piece of turkey

    10. You can give this dog a chip, but you can't make him roll over:

    A dog lays upside and almost looks like he's smiling

    11. It's the little tail wag here 🥺:

    A small black and white dog opens his eyes to see a piece of cheese

    12. Those eyes say it all:

    A white dog opens his eyes wide while looking at a treat

    13. It took Milo a minute, but he caught on:

    A brown and white dog looks at a treat next to him on the floor

    14. Murphy the German shepherd was also a little confused:

    A black and brown dog sleeps while his owner holds a treat in front of him

    15. Shiloh was all for treats once she woke up:

    A white dog sits on a purple blanket and stares at a treat

    16. I'm pretty sure this dog was still asleep while eating his treat:

    A black dog looks sleepy while sitting on a couch

    17. Nero the Doberman was so shook, he dropped his treat:

    A brown and black dog lays on his back while a treat is held in front of him

    18. Props to this owner for her super-smooth treat placement:

    A dog sleeps on a couch while his own can be seen placing a treat in front of him

    BONUS: This trend apparently also works with bunnies, too!

    A bunny sleeps while his owner places a treat on the floor neaby

    She seemed surprised, but wasn't going to question it. 😆 #fyp #rabbit #bunny #petsoftiktok

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