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    These Pets Are SO Clingy And It's Adorable

    These pet parents can forget having any privacy!

    We all know that pets can get a little bit clingy, but they're just so cute, we let them get away with it!

    That's why pet owners of TikTok united to hilariously show off some of their adorable pets' clingiest moments! Here are some of the best.

    1. This pup who said WE are going to the bathroom:

    2. And this cat who just wants to be held...for an excessive amount of time:

    3. There's no bathing alone in this puggle's household:

    4. This boxer gives new meaning to the expression "puppy eyes":

    5. Nobody is going anywhere without might even call her a ~packing Peanut~:


    peanut refuses to let us leave without her...#ClingyPet #fyp #dachshund

    ♬ original sound - Scott Tavlin

    6. This cat has no idea about the meaning of personal space:

    7. And good luck trying to take a nap with Ralphie around:

    A golden shaggy dog sleeps on his owner's face

    8. This pup is standing guard in case anything suspicious happens in the bathroom:

    A dog gazes up at his owner who is using the toilet

    9. Even bulls want to cuddle every once in a while:

    10. Luna is rooting for whatever team Dad is rooting for:

    A dog watches a football game with its owner

    11. This schnauzer knows he always has someone to lean on:

    A dog places its paws on its owners shoulders, leaning on her

    12. If you're cozy, he wants to be cozy too:

    13. I never knew I needed this montage of Penny plopping down for a nap until now:


    She’s just a little bit clingy.

    ♬ original sound - Scott Tavlin

    14. You better not dare leave this Frenchie on the floor while you're sitting on the couch:

    A small black dog barks at his owner to be let on the couch

    15. Or go to the bathroom alone when this pup is around:

    A small white dog looks inside the bathroom from the hallway

    I’ve not used the bathroom in private for 2 months 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 #fyp #shihtzu #puppytiktok

    ♬ original sound - Scott Tavlin

    16. And who needs a bed when your owner has so much extra room on her face?

    A golden dog sleeps on top of its owner's face

    She’d much rather sleep with me than on her bed😂. #fyp #dogsoftiktok #greenscreenvideo #fy

    ♬ original sound - Scott Tavlin

    Is your pet clingy? Share in the comments below!