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Taylor Swift Apparently Wore $3 Million Worth Of Jewelry To The Grammys, And I Definitely Could Not Handle That Responsibility

Best believe she's still bejeweled!!

Taylor Swift looked like a million bucks at the Grammys last night — literally.

Taylor wears a shimmering long sleeve crop top and form fitting column skirt

Not only was she shimmering in an amazing midnight blue Roberto Cavalli set, but her jewelry was equally as incredible.

A closeup of Taylor's outfit

In fact, her Lorraine Schwartz jewels were reportedly worth almost $3 million!!

A closeup of Taylor's outfit

According to a press release from the brand, Taylor was wearing over 136 carats of natural purple sapphires, paraibas, and diamonds.

A full body shot of Taylor's outfit

That bling was obvious in her dangling statement earrings:

Taylor wears large diamond earrings that consist of four diamond shaped panels held together with a purple sapphire in the middle

And she had some incredibly impressive rings on as well:

Taylor wears large rings on both hands

But when it was time to head inside the ceremony, it appears that Taylor removed at least one of those massive rings, which was notably missing from her right hand.

Taylor only wears rings on one hand

But who could blame her? It's kind of hard to casually mix and mingle with your ex when you're supposed to be responsible for millions of dollars of jewelry!

Harry Styles talking with Taylor Swift

Overall, I think we can all agree that Taylor looked amazing — and definitely look "Bejeweled" to a whole new level!