Penn Badgley Shared A Rare Glimpse Into His "Joyful" Life As A Father

    "Even being a father in a pandemic has still been a joy."

    Penn Badgley is thriving as a new dad — even during the pandemic!

    Penn softly smiles during an event

    The You actor recently shared a rare glimpse into his personal life, opening up about becoming a father last year.

    Penn crosses his arms and smiles

    Penn and his wife, Domino Kirke, welcomed their baby boy last August but have kept quiet about their new addition until now.

    Penn poses with his wife Domino

    While Penn says parenting during the pandemic was "a lot," he noted that getting to spend extra time with the infant has been a special experience and one that the little boy "loves."

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    "He's only been with us... He's very happy. He's very, very joyful. And we had an opportunity to be with him in a way that we wouldn't have. So that is a strange blessing in it all," Penn said on The Jess Cagle Show.

    Penn sits next to Domino during a sporting event

    And while Penn's You character Joe is also experiencing fatherhood for the first time, their experiences couldn't be more different.

    "As much as it relates to my character, I am having a joyful experience as a father. I can, of course, relate to the fears. But Joe's fears are so intensely outsized, you know?" Penn explained.

    He continued, "For me, I'm just like, 'Sure, Joe. Yeah. I guess you could spend all your time worrying about that.' But you know, to me, even being a father in a pandemic has still been a joy somehow."

    Penn softly smiles at an event

    Listen to all that Penn had to say below.

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