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    "Bachelor" Stars Share How They Felt About "The Bachelorette" Premiere

    They have advice, they have shade and they may even have a little inside scoop.

    The Bachelorette Clare Crawley just met the 31 men vying for her heart and, of course, every former Bachelor cast member had something to say.

    For some former Bachelorette stars, things looked a little different this season:

    same, but different. #TheBachelorette

    And things definitely looked different than usual for current contestants:

    never thought I could miss a place so much

    But regardless of where this season took place, Bachelor Nation knows that Clare rocked it:

    “I didn’t settle for men like that” - what a power line #TheBachelorette

    After watching the limo arrivals, everyone had some initial thoughts about the men:

    Blake M looks like he’s such a big teddy bear 🥺👉🏼👈🏼 #TheBachelorette

    She should have sent straight jacket guy back to the limo

    Maroon suit guy (AJ) is gonna be on next season of criminal minds. Jk jk, limo nerves are a real thing. #bachelorette

    And EVERYONE had something to say about salmon suit guy Eazy:

    The salmon jacket should be a mandatory piece for at least one person each season


    Tyler Cameron even admitted Eazy may have stolen his crown as the king of salmon jackets:

    Eazy showed us how to really wear a salmon suit. Put us all to shame. That suit is fire 🔥

    For the most part, all the men were surprisingly likable:

    I missed a bunch of the episode but why aren’t all these men narcissists like usual? Why don’t I immediately hate them all? What is going on here?! #TheBachelorette

    But every season needs a villain, so there were some early opinions about who will fill the role...

    My mom picked Dale as her early season villain

    Including a prediction from a former villain himself:

    Bold prediction: Bachelor Nation will think Bennett is a villian at first but will end up being a fan favorite. #TheBachelorette

    It was clear one contestant immediately stood out to Clare though...we're looking at you, Dale:

    Wtf why is everything about Dale so perfect. Super sus 🧐 #TheBachelorette

    It's made some question Clare's judgement a little:

    Clare, is certain she loves Dale because she’s 39 and knows what she wants, but bases it on the same amount of information the average 17 year old does #TheBachelorette

    And wonder if she's telling the truth about Blake being the only one to DM her:

    Clare: Blake was the only one who DM’d me. #TheBachelorette Nation:

    Dale suspicions aside, there was drama with other contestants that Clare shut down like a boss:

    Ahhh yes Yosef mass DMing women is totally an example to your daughter 👀 #TheBachelorette

    Clare settling this debate right away! Mark of a great lead! Handles controversy well, leads through the mess! #TheBachelorette

    Overall, it was deemed a successful first night:

    Great night one! Fully invested. Excellent showing by Clare and seems like a good group of men #TheBachelorette

    And some helpful advice was dished to the current contestants:

    Quick PSA to all of the men on this season of #bachelorette The internet is a cruel place. Don’t get caught up on the opinion of people who only know TV you🤍 This is only a small part of who you are and the hate is only temporary. You got this.

    After this premiere, Bachelor Nation can't wait to see what happens next week.

    We're rooting for you, Clare!