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    Olivia Munn Got Candid About Her Pregnancy News Leaking Before She Was Ready To Share

    "What if I lose the baby, then it’s already been out there?"

    Olivia Munn didn't get the chance to share her pregnancy news when she was ready.

    A closeup of Olivia at an event

    Instead, reports that she was expecting her first child with John Mulaney were leaked to the public way before she wanted anyone to know.

    Olivia now says that the rumors surrounding her pregnancy have been one of the more difficult parts of the experience.

    A closeup of Olivia at an event

    "I think what was harder was when you have people talking about it and leaking it out there before I’m ready to talk about it," Olivia said on The Jess Cagle Show.

    Olivia sits in her living room during the video chat interview

    Olivia explained that in addition to being a high-risk pregnancy because of her age and an autoimmune disorder, she also saw several of her friends lose pregnancies "after the safe zone" of three months.

    "So there are a lot of elements that come into play when you’re pregnant and there’s a lot of fear and you want to, like, do everything you can to protect your baby," Olivia said.

    A closeup of Olivia at an event

    Olivia noted that she "understands the interest" in her pregnancy, as she is always "super interested when people are pregnant," but when the interest was on her, it felt different.

    "When it’s happening to you and you feel like you have no control over when you announce, or what, if something bad happens? What if I lose the baby, then it’s already been out there that I have it before I was ready to tell that information," Olivia shared.

    She continued, "Now I have to live with this. And then the stress of that just compounded everything. So that was what was more difficult for me."

    A closeup of Olivia at an event

    Olivia added that in order to avoid extra stress in her life, she's been laying low — and has worn the same two outfits during her entire pregnancy.

    "I’m like, 'I’ll just stay home.' I’m not worrying about anything else besides does it fit? Do I feel okay? And that’s it," Olivia concluded.

    Hear all Olivia had to say below.

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