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    Netflix's New Show "Marriage Or Mortgage" Honestly Seems A Little Depressing

    This will really appeal to your sense of millennial dread.

    Netflix just released the trailer for the new show Marriage or Mortgage, and honestly, it's a little depressing.

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    The show follows young couples who must choose between the wedding of their dreams and buying their first home...because apparently we can't have both.

    The future spouses are introduced to wedding planner Sarah Miller and real estate agent Nichole Holmes, who hope to help them make one of their dreams come true (but not both).

    The two hosts sit on a couch together

    In a cross between Selling Sunset and Say I Do, viewers will watch as Sarah and Nichole compete for the couple's business, showcasing all the possible ways to spend their life savings.

    While the whole concept makes me a little uneasy (probably because it hits too close to home), it appears that I'm not alone, judging by the comments on YouTube:

    Comments that say the show is tone deaf and people can barely afford one option

    Meanwhile, a lot of people think the obvious choice is the mortgage:

    A comment that says as a married person, everyone should pick the house and do an over the top vow renewal later
    A comment that says she has worked in the wedding industry for 10 years and everyone should pick the mortgage

    And others are just concerned about the relationship status of the couples from this show:

    A comment that says marriage or mortgage or breakup? I gotta know how many couples stayed together
    A comment that says if you're trying to decide between a house and wedding then you have bigger issues to worry about

    Personally, I'd love to watch a show where a team works with your budget to have a lovely wedding and manage a down payment. You know, something that won't add to my ongoing sense of millennial dread. Netflix, can you make that happen?

    And if you're going to make me choose? My Zillow browsing history will probably give you the answer.

    Marriage or Mortgage premieres on Netflix on March 10. Would you pick the wedding or the house? Share in the comments!