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19 Halloween Pet Costumes That Are Better Than Most Human Costumes

Warning: These videos will make you want to adopt a puppy ASAP.

1. These pups will put a spell on you:

Three husky dogs dressed as the witches from Hocus Pocus

2. Somebody must have called the paw-parazzi:

A Labrador Retriever puppy wearing a camera and Hawaiian shirt

3. Toucan Sam? More like Froot Loops Fido:

A dog wearing a cone on his head that is filled with fake Fruit Loops cereal pieces

4. You can tell exactly who the good boy is here:

Corgi dogs dressed as an angel and a devil

5. To understand the squirrels, you must become one with the squirrels:

As dachshund dressed like a squirrel


My sister is a squirrel for Halloween! We’re infiltrating the enemy😅 #littlemonsters #halloween #halloweenseason #foryou #dogs #squirrel #dogcostume

♬ New Soul - Yael Naïm

6. Oscar, the Grouch has never looked so cute:

A happy looking dog that has been spray painted green and sits in a garbage can like Oscar the Grouch


think I’ll do good in the Howloween dog pawrade?! #thegrouch #halloween #dog #puppy #samoyed

♬ I Love Trash - Oscar The Grouch

7. The floofiest skeletons I've ever seen:

A dog that has been shaved to look like a skeleton

8. Just two pandas enjoying a snack together:

A fluffy dog that looks like a panda pictured next to an actual panda

9. Doggy shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo:

A corgi dog wearing a shark costume

10. Dog or giraffe? You be the judge:

A dog that has been painted with spots to look like a giraffe


Part 2- happy Halloween 🦒 for more of Luna follow @lunathestpoo on insta 🐩 #MyArt #halloween #dog #fyp #SometimesIRun

♬ The Chicken Wing Beat - Ricky Desktop

11. This dog's costume looks almost good enough to eat!

A dog wearing a taco costume

12. Doggo Delivery, at your service:

A small dog wearing a shirt that has a UPS box attached to look like he is carrying it

13. Is this cat ready for Halloween? Aye, aye captain!

A black cat wearing a Spongebob costume around its head

14. The cold never bothered this pug anyway:

A pug wearing an Olaf snowman costume on his head

15. Doo doo do do do, Inspector Cat-get (sorry, that was bad):

A cat wearing a trench coat and hat

16. Because Guinea Pigs deserve costumes too:

A Guinea Pigs dressed in a lobster costume

17. The family that dresses up for Halloween together, stays together:

A woman and man hold their pug as they are all dressed like characters from E.T.

18. A doggy's gotta do what a doggy's gotta do:

Three huskies dress as characters from Rugrats

19. This must be the smallest shark known to man:

A tiny hamster wearing a felt shark costume


Hamster shark costume. Terrifying #halloween costume for a #rodent 🐹 #foryou #cuteanimals #petsoftiktok #hamster

♬ Jaws Theme - Jaws

20. BONUS: Wait, you're telling me this ISN'T a real dog?

A woman wearing an inflatable costumes shaped like a balloon dog