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Milo Ventimiglia Is Still Convinced That His Super Short Shorts Were A Normal Length

"I just have kind of meaty thighs."

Milo Ventimiglia still doesn't get the obsession behind his super short shorts that broke the internet last year!

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It may have been a normal day at the gym for the This Is Us actor, but when he was snapped by the paparazzi in the shorts, it caused a frenzy.

Looking back on the moment, Milo admits he did have a particularly good leg day but had no idea the photos would cause as much commotion as they did.

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"That was so much...I really had no idea," Milo said of the internet's reaction to the photos.

A closeup of Milo
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"So, when I work out, I'm with my trainer Jason Walsh, and we're just you know, kind of meatheads, throwing around a lot of weight. And when I work out, I kind of pull my shorts up," Milo explained.

He continued, "So, when I left the gym and the photograph got taken, and then it went bananas — it went crazy. Literally crazy. Like broke the internet crazy."

A closeup of Milo
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He went on to recount the surprising reaction and how he feels about the whole thing now.

"They're like, 'Oh my god, Milo wears short shorts; it's the summer of short shorts.' There's all these articles about Milo and his short shorts," Milo recalled.

He added, "I'm just like, guys, they were actually really normal length. I just have kind of meaty thighs, and I pulled them up and I walked out, and they stuck."

A closeup of Milo
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Hear all that Milo had to say below.

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