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    Matt Damon Just Admitted That He Has A Secret Instagram Account With 76 Followers

    "I just never saw the point."

    Matt Damon is officially on Instagram — but you won't be seeing his posts anytime soon!

    Matt smiles while wearing a black long sleeve shirt and standing outside

    The actor just revealed that while he doesn't love social media, he does have a secret Instagram account.

    Matt wears a tuxedo and bowtie to a premiere

    "I just never saw the point. And I feel better and better about that decision as time goes on," Matt said in a new interview with GQ.

    Matt wears a black polo before an interview

    He added, "I understand wanting to be connected to everybody on Facebook, but my life is so full and I’m connected, really, to everybody I need to be connected to."

    Matt looks serious while attending an event in a white tee and black blazer

    As for Twitter, Matt says he "reflexively didn’t believe that [his] first knee-jerk response to something was necessarily something that should go all over the world."

    Matt wears a white tee and button down black shirt

    But Matt made an exception for Instagram, where he uses a private account to watch his friends' kids grow up and even occasionally shares some of his own personal moments.

    Since joining the platform in 2013, he's only racked up 76 followers and made 40 posts, many of which include his children.

    Matt smiles while posing with his wife

    His most recent post includes a photo of his daughter Isabella on her 15th birthday, where she can be seen flipping off the camera — which Matt says she does "every time we take a picture of her nowadays."

    Matt laughs while wearing a black t-shirt outside

    While Matt doesn't have any plans to go public with his account, maybe one day he'll choose to share some of his personal collection of Instagram photos!