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    Mandy Moore Almost Had A Major Wardrobe Malfunction At The Emmys But Sophia Bush Saved Her

    Even celebs get by with a little help from their friends!

    Sophia Bush has Mandy Moore's back — especially when it comes to potential wardrobe mishaps!

    Mandy and Sophia smile at an old event

    The friends were both attending the Emmy Awards earlier this year when Mandy had some trouble with her Carolina Herrera gown.

    Mandy smiles and waves while wearing the gown

    Mandy explained that when she ran into Sophia, who was on her way backstage, the strap on her dress completely broke.

    "I was in this red dress with really thin spaghetti straps. Sweet Sophia Bush walked by to go backstage, and I jumped up to hug her, and a strap just popped," Mandy told People.

    A closeup of Mandy in the gown

    Thankfully, Sophia took it upon herself to alert a seamstress, who was soon ready to fix things up for Mandy.

    Sophia in a pink cap sleeve gown at the Emmys

    "The next commercial break, I ran back there, and Sophia had told them, so they had red thread ready to go. Thank God for her!" Mandy explained.

    Mandy and Sophia smile at an old event

    Thankfully, the wardrobe malfunction wasn't caught on camera, and the show continued on without anyone knowing what happened.

    A closeup of Mandy in the gown

    Sounds like we all need a friend like Sophia!