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    Lena Dunham's Husband, Luis Felber, Didn't Know Who She Was When They Met On A Blind Date

    "Looking back is a thing we shouldn't really do too much."

    Lena Dunham's husband, Luis Felber, had no idea who she was when they met!

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    Over the weekend, Lena tied the knot with the musician, whom she met on a blind date set up by their mutual friend in London.

    "The first time we hung out, we didn't stop talking for, like, eight hours," Luis said in an interview with the New York Times.

    Luis noted that he hadn't heard of Lena before their meeting and had never watched her HBO series Girls — but has now caught up with some of her more recent projects.

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    "I've watched her current stuff. I watched Industry when we first started dating, and I scored her next film, Sharp Stick, which is out next year. It's a really beautiful film," Luis said.

    He added, "When you're an artist, you're living in the present, into the future. You're looking for the next thing. Looking back is a thing we shouldn't really do too much, to be able to move forward with ease."

    But that doesn't mean he's ruling out a Girls binge session completely, as he "can see what an impact it's had on people."

    Meanwhile, Luis also opened up about his relationship with Lena, calling her his soulmate and best friend.

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    "I think when you know, you know. I've only been alive for 35 years in this lifetime, and I think it's another archaic thing for guys to hide their feelings," Luis said.

    He continued, "I'm way more into the flow of getting to know the person. And I think Lena's the same. And I think — I'm going to sound cheesy — but when you find your soulmate, you just know."

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