Julie Bowen Just Shared Her Side Of The Story About Rescuing That Injured Hiker In Utah

    "Getting recognized by someone who has sustained serious injury is extremely flattering."

    Julie Bowen is finally sharing exactly what went down when she helped rescue an injured hiker.

    Julie Bowen smiling on the red carpet in a strapless outfit

    Earlier this month, a woman named Minnie John recounted her terrifying experience while hiking at Arches National Park in Utah.

    After feeling lightheaded, Minnie says, she sat down on a rock to rest while her family continued their hike. Soon after, she passed out, smashing headfirst into other rocks.

    Julie and her sister Dr. Annie Luetkemeyer were the first people to come across Minnie — and she credits the duo with rescuing her and caring for her in her time of need.

    Minnie John / Via Facebook: minnie.john.14

    While Julie is glad that she could help Minnie, she admits that she didn't do anything heroic, and it is her sister who should get the credit.

    “She goes Meredith Grey right away, applying pressure, doing doctor stuff. And I brought my professional expertise to the table by yelling things I’d heard on episodes of ER...so useless,” Julie said while guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live.

    Julie wearing dark-framed glasses and an off-the-shoulder outfit as guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live

    In fact, Julie says the articles written about the experience should probably have said, "During medical emergency, Bowen does jack shit!"

    Julie smiling on the red carpet and wearing a jacket and eyeglasses with dark frames

    Julie added that her teenage son was even more of a help than she was, and his obsession with knives actually came in handy when Annie needed to cut some gauze.

    Then, when Minnie started to come to, she began to recognize Julie — who joked she was too embarrassed to admit who she was.

    "Look, I know this isn’t the point here. But believe me, getting recognized by someone who has sustained serious injury is extremely flattering," Julie joked.

    Julie on the red carpet in a strapless outfit

    She concluded, "So just to recap, everyone helped save this woman. My sister, my twins, my knife-y son. And I did nothing."

    Hear all that Julie had to say below:

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