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    Jonah Hill Says Using Instagram Is Like Smoking Cigarettes

    "I have to have really limited interaction with it."

    Jonah Hill has a theory about Instagram — and it's why he doesn't let himself spend too much time on the app.

    Jonah wears a black suit jacket and black button down with orange tinted glasses

    The actor recently reflected on his relationship with social media while speaking with GQ, calling Instagram a "killer."

    Jonah wears glasses and a pink jacket

    “So, Instagram. Instagram — as I smoke a cigarette — is the cigarettes of this time. It is the biggest killer. It is death," Jonah explained.

    He continued, "And I fully participate in it, like I smoke cigarettes. Again, it’s a spectrum of what you find healthy. I have to have really limited interaction with it."

    Jonah went on to say that his late 92-year-old neighbor Geoff helped him realize that true happiness comes from not paying so much attention to what everyone else is doing.

    Jonah, with bleached hair, wears a black tee with black blazer

    "I said, 'What’s the deal, man? You’re the happiest guy I’ve ever seen in my life. Why are you so fucking happy?' And he’s like, 'I don’t look around at what anybody else is doing. I just live my life, and I don’t look at what other people are doing,'" Jonah shared.

    Jonah wears a grey suit with a yellow and orange knit polo underneath

    He added, "Literally, if you said, 'Who’s your hero?' I'd say Geoff, because this guy lived happy, not giving a fuck about the stupid rat race, and then died at 92 at the beach."

    And while Jonah will still take part in Instagram on a limited basis, he knows everything is a journey toward finding happiness.

    Jonah smiles while wearing a blue white and black checked sweater

    "I’m not dissing anybody. I'll post a selfie on Instagram. I don’t give a fuck. I’m just as hypocritical as everybody else. So the point being is it’s all maybe a work in progress to get towards happiness," Jonah concluded.

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