Jessica Simpson Wanted To Be A "Recluse" Because Of How She Was Treated By Body-Shamers

    No one should have to deal with this.

    Jessica Simpson has unfortunately had to deal with a lot of body-shaming throughout her career.

    Jessica wears a hot pink suit in an event

    And while she's been candid about how it impacted her life, her mom, Tina, just revealed how truly bad it got.

    In a new interview with Today, Tina explained that the "hardest thing" Jessica ever faced was scrutiny about her weight.

    Jessica smiles while at a concert in 2009 where people commented on her weight

    "The way people judge her, it's unbelievable. Body-shaming is a terrible thing, and no girl should have to go through that — or guy. Period," Tina said.

    "Because of that, it catapulted all kinds of different emotions and different things in her life too, you know?"

    Jessica softly smiles at a recent event

    Tina added, "It made her want to be a recluse, in a lot of ways, and to hide out and not want to get out of her house."

    In a recent interview with People magazine, Jessica also admitted that she "spent so many years beating [herself] up for an unrealistic body standard" and constantly felt like "a failure."

    Jessica poses at an event in a tight black dress

    And while she's still a "work in progress" when it comes to self-criticism, she now has "the tools to quiet those voices" in her head.

    "I don't think people always realized that there was a human being, a beating heart and working eyes with actual feelings behind those headlines, and that words can hurt and stay with you for a lifetime," Jessica added.

    Even though the words of those body-shamers may still be with her, it's nice to know that Jessica is doing so much better!