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    Jamie Foxx Admitted To Having Snoop Dogg Intimidate One Of His Daughter's Dates

    "I said, 'Yo, Snoop...shake him up.'"

    Jamie Foxx means business when it comes to looking out for his daughters.

    Jamie poses with his daughters Corinna and Annalise

    When the time came that his oldest daughter, Corrine, wanted to start dating, he already had some tricks up his sleeve.

    Jamie points at Corinne while appearing together at a radio station

    "Daughters are special, man. As a father, you want that person who is dating your daughter to know that there quite possibly might be a chance that they won't survive life," Jamie joked in a recent interview with E! News.

    He admitted that he thoroughly vetted Corinne's dates, saying, "I'm a private eye. By the time she got the person there, I already knew everything about him."

    Jamie and Corinne attend a premiere together

    And at one point, he even called in Snoop Dogg for reinforcement!

    Jamie and Snoop pose together

    "Snoop was actually at my house. So she brings the guy by to the crib and I said, 'Yo, Snoop, there he is right there. Shake him up.' [He said,] 'Hey, what's up, nephew? You understand what's going on right now?" Jamie explained.

    Snoop looks at Jamie while he's telling a story

    Thankfully, Corinne's date took it all in stride and won Jamie's approval.

    And although that particular suitor ended up on his good side, Jamie noted, "They have to know that if something is going wrong that, hey, something might come to you."

    Jamie and Corinne sit together at a dinner table at an award show

    Jamie and Corinne are sure to be sharing more hilarious stories in their new Netflix series based on their lives, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, when it premieres April 14.