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    Harry Styles Seemingly Explained Why He Deleted That Selfie In A One Direction T-Shirt

    "I guess some of us have secrets."

    Harry Styles threw the One Direction fandom into a state of complete chaos earlier this week — and now he's explaining himself.

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    In case you missed it, on Sunday, Harry posted a mirror selfie wearing an old 1D T-shirt during a trip to the gym.

    Harry wears a t-shirt with photos of the members of One Direction

    While fans immediately jumped to conclusions about what it could mean, Harry immediately deleted the story.

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    But even though the story disappeared, the photo quickly circulated around social media thanks to some speedy fans who screenshotted it.

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    And at a show this week in Auckland, New Zealand, Harry seemed to address the infamous selfie.

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    While bantering with a fan in the audience about how they got tickets to the show, Harry jokingly told the crowd, "I guess some of us have secrets!"


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    Then he slyly added, "Maybe, like some people, you choose to keep it to yourself, and maybe one day you'll accidentally post it to your Instagram Story. Who knows!"

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    Many fans are taking Harry's comments as confirmation that he secretly posts to a close friends list and accidentally posted the T-shirt photo to his public story when he meant to share it to close friends.

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    There have been several other instances where Harry has quickly posted and deleted photos to his Instagram story, which fans have attributed to his close friends list.

    the category is harry missing the close friends button

    @perhcps / @harrystyles / Via Twitter: @perhcps

    While it's not likely that Harry will ever fully share his social media secrets, it's pretty funny to imagine what goes on in his private story!

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    Harry, you can add me to your close friends list any day!