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    Halle Berry Surprised Her Fifth Grade Teacher With An Entire Home Renovation And It's So Heartwarming

    "If she hadn't come into my life, my life would have been completely different."

    Everyone has that one educator who changed their life — and for Halle Berry, that was her fifth grade teacher, Yvonne Sims.

    A closeup of Halle

    And because of the long-lasting impact she made on her life, Halle recently got the chance to give back to her in a big way.

    Big as in completely renovating Yvonne's 1920s home, with a little help from the Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott.

    During an episode of Celebrity IOU, Halle put her construction skills to the test while reflecting on how Yvonne made a difference in her life.

    A closeup of Halle

    "If she hadn't come into my life, my life would have been completely different," Halle said, adding, "She was really like a second mother in many ways."

    Halle explained that since she was raised by a single mother who was often working, Yvonne took her in "under her wing."

    A closeup of Halle

    "I had a white mother and she — being a Black woman — taught me about my culture," Halle shared.

    Halle says that Yvonne even invited her into her home where they sat at the kitchen table and had "really deep conversations" they called "cookie talks."

    A closeup of Halle

    And while there's no doubt the duo are still having their "cookie talks" to this day, it's nice to see that Yvonne can now host their get together in a beautiful new kitchen!