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    Gwyneth Paltrow Only Has One Movie Scene In Her Entire Career That She Doesn't Mind Watching

    "I really hate, hate, hate seeing myself in a movie ever."

    Gwyneth Paltrow may have spent much of her career as an A-list actor, but she actually avoids her own movies at all costs.

    Gwyneth smiles while wearing a pink long sleeve dress with feathers and flowers

    In fact, the Goop founder once said she "voms" anytime she comes across one of her own films.

    Gwyneth smirks a little during an interview

    But there's one exception to Gwyneth's hatred of her work — and it's her role in The Royal Tenenbaums.

    Gwyneth wearing a fur jacket and dark eyeliner in a scene from the film

    Gwyneth recently explained that the sentimental reason she doesn't mind watching the film all has to do with her late father, Bruce.

    Gwyneth and her father before his passing

    "I have a memory of my dad visiting. He came the day that we did a scene where I'm getting off the bus and Richie's picking me up, and my dad was there," Gwyneth said during a cast reunion at the Tribeca Film Festival.

    She added, "It was a very special day."

    Gwyneth smiles in a pink shirt at an event

    Gwyneth's father passed away just a year after the movie's premiere due to complications from cancer and pneumonia.

    "I really hate, hate, hate seeing myself in a movie ever, and it's kind of like the only scene that I can watch of myself of my whole career," Gwyneth admitted.

    Gwyneth smiles in a black blouse at a recent event

    Gwyneth has long said The Royal Tenenbaums is one of her favorite films in her catalogue, and now it's very clear why!