Shakira's Ex Gerard Piqué Seemingly Responded To Her Apparent Diss Track On Twitter And Her Fans Weren't Happy

    Shakira and Gerard called it quits in 2022 after 11 years together.

    Shakira didn't hold back in her new song that's seemingly aimed at her ex Gerard Piqué — and now, he appears to be responding.

    A closeup of Shakira and Gerard

    This week, Shakira dropped "BZRP Music Session #53," a collaboration with Argentine DJ Bizarrap, and the lyrics are honestly scathing.

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    Bizarrap / Via

    In the Spanish-language track, Shakira sings about being "too good" for someone who only gave her the "worst version" of themselves.

    A closeup of Shakira

    While Shakira hasn't confirmed the inspiration behind the song, a lot of what she sings lines up with what's gone down between her and Gerard since their 2022 split.

    A closeup of Shakira and Gerard

    The track even includes an apparent reference to her tax evasion scandal, as well as Gerard's 23-year-old girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.

    A closeup of Shakira

    While the track was released on Wednesday, several lyrics were leaked before it dropped — and Gerard allegedly responded.

    A closeup of Gerard

    Gerard took to Twitter to seemingly share his thoughts in the form of emojis, simply writing, "🎪🎠🤡🎡"

    @3gerardpique / Via Twitter: @3gerardpique

    Although he didn't mention Shakira by name, many of her fans rushed to the comment section to show their support for the singer:

    A closeup of Shakira

    @3gerardpique Dude you messed w Shakira…we don’t wanna hear anything from you

    @romanlucarini / Via Twitter: @romanlucarini

    man fumbled shakira and has the audacity to tweet this

    @lemonlover1110 / Via Twitter: @lemonlover1110

    is he describing himself?

    @quartarles / Via Twitter: @quartarles

    While Gerard hasn't said anything further, I just have my fingers crossed that Shakira spills some more tea!