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    Erykah Badu Seems To Think That Beyoncé Copied Her Signature Big Hat And Fans Are A Little Confused

    "I guess I'm everybody stylist."

    Erykah Badu appears to be throwing a little bit of shade at Beyoncé — right after the Renaissance singer took the stage over the weekend in a very oversized hat.

    A side by side close up of Erykah and Beyonce

    For one of her shows in New Jersey, Beyoncé wore a very wide-brim hat during a Renaissance tour performance and it seemingly didn't sit well with Erykah.

    Beyonce performing on stage in a silver wide brim hat

    Erykah took to Instagram to share her thoughts, posting a photo of Bey on stage and then comparing it to a video where she could be seen also wearing a similarly large metallic silver hat.

    Erykah on stage in a silver wide brim hat with a tall top

    "Hmm….," Erykah wrote in one story, adding, "I guess I'm everybody stylist."

    A screenshot of Erykah's comments

    Erykah even commented on Bey's photo wearing the hat to say she was "flattered" to see her wearing a similar style.

    A screenshot of Erykah's comment

    While it's no secret that Erykah has become known for her extra large hats, Beyoncé has also worn quite a few oversized hats in her time.

    Beyonce on stage in another big hat

    I mean, we all remember the "Formation" music video, right??

    Beyonce in a big hat in her music video

    The idea that Beyoncé may have been copying Erykah definitely confused some fans, who came to her defense online:

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    Erykah hasn't made any further comments about Bey's hat and Bey hasn't publicly responded to the seeming shade — but IMO, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!