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Emma Watson Has A Bob Now, And It Looks So Good

You're gonna want an appointment with your hairstylist ASAP.

Throughout the years, Emma Watson has rocked a variety of hairstyles — from her signature Hermione Granger waves to ultra-short baby bangs.

Emma Watson in a sleeveless outfit, long hair, and baby bangs

And during her most recent red carpet appearance, Emma had her long, dark locks pulled back in a chic updo.

But this week, the super-private actor stepped out with a completely new do while she was running errands in Beverly Hills.

Emma with a chin-length bob, wearing comfortable-looking pants, sweater, sandals, and a face mask and holding a beverage can and a plate with a sandwich

Emma's blonde, chin-length bob is a big departure from her most recent style and is the perfect look going into springtime.

Close-up of previous photo

Her new look is definitely the shortest fans have seen her hair since she cropped it into a pixie after wrapping the Harry Potter films.

After she got her pixie cut, Emma said she didn't have the chance to experiment with her hair while filming, so it was time for a "drastic change."

Smiling Emma with a short pixie and lace top standing in front of a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows poster

Change looks good on her!

While we shouldn't be expecting an update from Emma's "dormant" Instagram account anytime soon, here's hoping we soon get more photos of her new look (so I can take it to my hairstylist)!