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    Jason Momoa Got Everyone "As Drunk As Humanly Possible" During A Recent Birthday Party Reunion With Emilia Clarke

    "When Jay's in town, you know it's going down."

    Jason Momoa is just as much fun at parties as you'd imagine!

    Jason wears a red suede jacket to an event

    And if you ask his Game of Thrones co-star Emilia Clarke, Jason is all about a good time.

    Jason hugs Emilia from behind at a party

    The former castmates, who played husband and wife on the acclaimed HBO show, recently reunited to celebrate co-creator David Benioff's birthday.

    "Oh God, it was beautiful. When Jay's in town, you know it's going down," Emilia told People.

    Jason and Emilia smile while sitting at a dinner table together

    She continued, "He walks into the room and you're just like, 'My man.' It's almost like a test, every time he sees [me] he's like, 'Can I still throw you around the room? Yeah I can.'"

    Emilia added that Jason got everyone in attendance "as drunk as humanly possible" while tasting whiskeys.

    Jason looks formal in a check shirt and blazer while posing next to Emilia

    "I mean, I've never tried so many different whiskeys in my entire life. There were a couple that were really nice, and there were a couple that were paint stripper, and I literally was like, 'Yeah I'm gonna down you, get hair on your chest.' It was funny," Emilia joked.

    Jason wears a leopard jacket while sitting next to Emilia during a talk show interview

    No word on whether any other GoT alum were in attendance, but it sounds like Jason's all you need for a good time!