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    Emilia Clarke Recited Olivia Rodrigo's "Good 4 U" In Eight Different Accents And Nailed All Of Them

    "I said I'm good at accents, and we're about to find out!"

    Is there anything that Emilia Clarke isn't good at???

    Emilia smiles in a sleeveless black lace dress

    In addition to being an actor and comic book author, and supporting fellow brain injury survivors with her foundation, she's also apparently really good at accents!

    Emilia took the opportunity to show off her skills during an appearance on The Tonight Show — and got some help from Olivia Rodrigo.

    Emilia grins in a screenshot from her interview where she is sitting in a library in her home

    Host Jimmy Fallon challenged Emilia to recite the lyrics to Olivia's song "Good 4 U" in as many accents as possible, and she completely nailed it.

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    Olivia Rodrigo / Via

    Emilia hilariously (and accurately) flew through eight different accents, including Australian, German, French, and Russian.

    Emilia wears a simple black sleeveless dress on a red carpet

    "Well, good for you, you frickin’ moron. I guess you moved on real easily. Go Mets!" Emilia said while testing out her New York accent.

    Emilia pumps her fist while imitating a New Yorker

    In a California Valley Girl accent, she added, "You, like, found a new girl, and it only took you a couple of weeks or whatever, but remember when you said, like, you wanted to give me the world? Like, oh my god."

    Emilia makes a funny face while imitating a Californian

    Watch Emilia show off all of her accents below.

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    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Via