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    The Real Elvira Spoke Out About Kylie Jenner's Halloween Costume And She Threw A Little Bit Of Shade

    Kylie Jenner dressed up as the original Mistress of the Dark as one of several Halloween costumes.

    Kylie Jenner went all out for Halloween this year — and that, of course, included several over-the-top costumes.

    A closeup of Kylie

    One of her best costumes? A scarily accurate tribute to Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark.

    Not only did Kylie nail Elvira's makeup and outfits, but she actually recreated full photoshoots done by the spooky star.

    Now the real Elvira, who was portrayed by Cassandra Peterson, is revealing what she thought about the costume.

    The real Elvira poses on a red couch

    It turns out that she actually really loved Kylie's looks — but admits there's one thing she wishes she had done differently.

    A closeup of Elvira holding her hands in front of her eyes

    "I didn’t get a heads up that Kylie was doing the costume, but she did the costume justice and it was very flattering," she told TMZ.

    Cassandra poses in front of a poster of her in character

    She then subtly shaded Kylie, adding, "It would have been even more flattering if she tagged me."

    As of now, Kylie still has yet to tag Elvira or speak out about her inspiration, but it sounds like Elvira's still holding out hope.

    A closeup of Kylie

    She even shared a photo of Kylie's costume on her Instagram, writing, "In a world full of Kardashians, be an Elvira."

    Fingers crossed Elvira gets her shout-out from Kylie!