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    Dwayne Johnson Performed A Loretta Lynn Tribute With Kelly Clarkson, And Honestly, I Didn't Even Know He Could Sing

    Dwayne and Kelly's country collab was over a year in the making!

    Who knew Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was honestly such a great singer??

    A close-up of Dwayne

    The actor recently got the chance to show off his vocal chops during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

    Dwayne took the stage to perform a duet with Kelly — and he completely held his own alongside the Grammy winner.

    Dwayne and Kelly stand onstage and sing

    The duo chose to honor the late Loretta Lynn by performing her song "Don't Come Home a Drinkin'."

    A close-up of Loretta performing onstage

    While the duet was definitely unexpected, Dwayne and Kelly sounded really good together:

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    The Kelly Clarkson Show / Via

    And it turns out that the duo's country collab was actually over a year in the making.

    Dwayne smiling on the red carpet

    During a virtual appearance on the show in 2021, Dwayne recounted his onetime country music ambitions when he lived in Nashville as a teenager.

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    The Kelly Clarkson Show / Via

    "I grew up loving blues; hip-hop, of course; but then country, but real traditional country — like, that 'three chords and the truth,' steel guitar kind of country," Dwayne said.

    Dwayne at the People's Choice Awards in a leather jacket and holding a glass

    He continued, "When I got to Nashville ... I went down there on [Broadway], and I used to hang out down there and listen to all the acts, and I did have it in my mind that I was gonna become a country music singer."

    Dwayne in a short-sleeved shirt showing his biceps and tattoos

    While his country music career didn't pan out, Kelly did invite Dwayne to join her for a duet next time he was on the show — and that worked out a lot better!

    Dwayne and Kelly sit on a couch and laugh

    So, in conclusion, is there anything Dwayne can't do??