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    Dua Lipa Accidentally Dropped Her Mic Into The Crowd At A Concert And Somehow Kept The Show Going

    "I got way too excited!"

    No mic? No problem for Dua Lipa!

    Dua smiles and waves at an event

    Earlier this week, the musician had a bit of a mishap in the middle her Future Nostalgia tour date in Washington D.C.

    Dua performs on stage in a neon green jumpsuit and matching gloves

    While performing "New Rules," Dua's mic slipped out of her hand — and right into the audience!

    After temporarily searching for the mic in the crowd, Dua shook it off and went back to dancing.

    Dua leans towards the audience and holds her hands out to her side

    Thankfully the crowd really came through with backing vocals and a member of her team delivered her a new mic shortly after.

    Dua reaches for a microphone from a man in all black

    "I got way too excited!" Dua told the crowd once everything was back in business!

    Dua holds her mic while surrounded by dancers

    Looks like it might be time for Dua to get one of those very '90s pop star headsets!

    Britney Spears performs wearing a small headset

    Watch Dua's entire on stage mishap go down below.

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