Drew Barrymore Attempted To Transform Into M3GAN, And Honestly, It Was Scarily Accurate

    She's even got the dance moves nailed.

    Sign Drew Barrymore up for the M3GAN sequel because she's totally channeled her inner killer doll.

    A close-up of Drew

    In honor of M3GAN star Allison Williams's appearance on her show, Drew completely transformed into the film's titular character.

    Drew wears a blonde wig and blue contact lenses

    And honestly, her costume was actually pretty accurate...aside from some kinda wonky contacts!

    Drew wears a blonde wig and blue contacts

    During the episode, Allison gave Drew the true test of her killer doll capabilities by asking if she could run on all fours.

    A close-up of Allison smiling

    "Well, I don't know. You programmed me! But let's see if I can," Drew said in her best doll voice — before completely lunging toward the camera on her hands and feet.

    Drew in costume, crawling on the ground

    Later in the episode, DR3W complimented Allison on the film's massive success, which has now grossed over $100 million at the worldwide box office.

    A screenshot from the movie with Allison's character looking at M3GAN while she interacts with a little girl

    "Obviously, M3GAN, you never know how these things are going to go, but you can hope for a certain outcome," Allison replied. "I'm going to be self-deprecating and say it's about you, it's really if people loved M3GAN and they got her, that's why."

    A close-up of Allison smiling

    To top things off, Drew later broke out into M3GAN's signature dance moves, which she, of course, completely nailed.

    Drew throws her hands out to her sides while dancing in costume

    Watch the entire clip below.

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