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How Did This Creepy David Letterman Interview With Jennifer Aniston Ever Happen?

"People are horrified, I know. We'll take it out in editing."

Another vintage David Letterman interview segment just resurfaced, and it's even more uncomfortable than the last.

This time it's with Jennifer Aniston, and took place while she was promoting her film The Object of My Affection back in 1998.

Jennifer poses on a red carpet in 1998

Right off the bat, Jennifer admitted that David made her nervous, but he reassured her that "there's nothing to fear here" — unless you count when he later tries to gnaw on her body parts...but I'll get to that in a second.

David then switched the topic to Jennifer's encounters with fans in public — including the time she bumped into two women in her gym's sauna who knew who she was.

Jennifer laughed along during David's awkward commentary about her story and moved on to the next topic...until David told her he wanted to "try something."

He proceeded to approach her from behind, wrap his hand around her neck, and grab a piece of her hair to suck on.

But WHY?

Jennifer looks uncomfortable as David holds her neck

Jennifer was clearly uncomfortable at that point and mentioned how a lot of the audience seemed to be shocked as well.

THEN David somehow got Jennifer to apologize to HIM because she yelled when he approached her from behind.

David attempted to get the interview back on track by asking about Jennifer's movie, but she was so visibly shaken by the experience, she had trouble focusing.

To top it all off, when Jennifer recounted David's "sucking on her hair," he adamantly denied that he ever sucked on her hair.

You can watch the entire interview below. Jennifer Aniston deserved better.

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