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    Chrissy Teigen Got Candid About How Kim Kardashian Has Been Handling Her Split From Kanye West

    "Kim gave her all for everything."

    Chrissy Teigen is getting candid about how Kim Kardashian is doing following news that she and Kanye West are getting divorced.

    Chrissy poses with husband John Legend, Kim, and Kanye at an event

    The model and cookbook author revealed that she's been in touch with Kim since news broke about the split, and says that Kim is doing alright.

    Chrissy and Kim hold on to each other at an awards show

    "Kim is doing okay. I know Kim gave her all for everything, and it's honestly a shame that it didn't work out," Chrissy said on Watch What Happens Live.

    Kim and Kanye attend an event together

    She added, "I saw them being a forever relationship, I really did. But I know she tried her best."

    Kim and Kanye sit next to each other at a basketball game

    Meanwhile, Chrissy says that her husband, John Legend, hasn't spoken to Kanye as frequently since the split.

    John and Kanye grasp each other's hands in front of a crowd

    "I will say, I have definitely been in touch with Kim more than John has been in touch with Kanye. If anyone knows Kanye, it's that he goes off the grid. It's hard to ever contact Kanye," Chrissy explained with a laugh.

    The two couples pose together at an event

    While Kim hasn't yet publicly commented on the divorce, her mom, Kris Jenner, also recently shared an update about how she's doing.

    Kris, Kanye, and Kim walk together while being followed by camera

    “Well, I think it's always going to be hard anytime... The good thing about our family is that we are there for each other and supportive. So all I want is for those two kids to be happy. That’s what you want as a mum," Kris expressed.

    Kim and Kris pose together

    Even if Kim hasn't spoken out directly, it sounds as if she has a lot of friends and family supporting her!

    Chrissy and Kim pose together

    Hear all that Chrissy had to say about Kim's split in the interview below:

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